Nefrit-Keramika Pavillion MosBuild 2019

“Nefrit-Keramika” introduce on World Ceramic Tiles Market Products of Russia Premier Factory Make: Nefrit Keramika, 1721 Ceramique Imperiale, Dima LoginOff, and  Modern Ceramics

“Nefrit-Keramika” one of the biggest producers of ceramic tiles in Russia. Established in Saint-Petersburg on 1990. In nowadays more than 100 collections present variety of forms, structures and colors embodied by creative collective, to satisfied the most exquisite tastes of the modern world peoples.

“Nefrit-Keramika” – its traditions of style and quality, its never-ending searching and realization of new ideas and original solutions!

JSC Nefrit-Keramika
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Everything will perfectly go!