1721 Imperiale

1721 Ceramique Imperiale Catalogue

Ancient Rus Start in 882 by Grand Duce Rurik, Consolidating World by Deep Normans Culture Roots, Inject Rus to the Routes from Vikings to Greeks to Silk Rout. Christianization by Greece, enrich Russia by the Power Spirit of Philosophy and Byzantium Emperors. Approving by Statement in Time of “Tsar Ivan IV The Terrible Paleolog”: “Russia The Third Rome and Fourth Will Be Not”. In 1721 Grant First Russian Emperor “Peter The Great”: Opened Window to Europe, Russia Became World Empire, Adherence Estonia.

The Establishment of North Capital Saint-Petersburg, Empire Rise and Art Evolving, Scalable with Sweden, German and Italian Wizards: Erecting “The Imperial Porcelain Factory”. Inspired by Modern European Style of Russia, Factory Producing Been Used to Decorate Presidential Residences for 270 Years and Held Pride of Place in The World Leading Museum’s Collections.

Today “Hermitage”, “Imperial Porcelain” and “Nefrit-Keramika” Jointly Continue to Create Exclusive Interior Solutions that Combine Present Day Comfort and Timeless Imperial Luxury to Impress Even The Most Sophisticated Aesthetes of the World 1721 Ceramique Imperiale. Let`s Spacing Royalty in Cosmos!